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Making Wisdom Tooth
Extraction Simple

Dr. Foust and our team have helped countless patients throughout the Greater Houston area by providing expert wisdom tooth extraction in their home dental offices, and we’re ready to do the same for you! To learn more about how the process works and what’s involved in bringing Dr. Foust to your dental office, read through the information below. We look forward to helping you soon, and if you have any questions, be sure to give us a call.

Partnering with Greater Houston’s Top Dentists

If your dentist recommends that you or your child undergo a wisdom tooth extraction, rather than sending you to another dental office, they will simply invite Dr. Foust to complete the procedure in your regular dental office. This makes your life simpler and goes a long way in reducing any nerves associated with the procedure. Dr. Foust will work closely with your dentist to put together a treatment plan and provide everything you need.

First Appointment Expectations

Whatever the reason for your wisdom teeth removal, Dr. Foust will make sure that you are safe and comfortable during your procedure. Our goal is to make your visit a pleasant experience. 

After filling out the necessary paperwork, you will meet with Dr. Foust to discuss your x-ray, any possible issues he might be concerned about, the expected outcome of your procedure and to discuss any questions or concerns you might have about the procedure. Several IV medications will be administered through a simple IV in the patient’s arm and within a few minutes, the patient will be sedated. Generally, the sedation lasts about an hour. The patient will be monitored closely by our team and Dr. Foust throughout the entirety of the procedure.

After the patient is sedated, a local anesthetic will be used to numb the surgical sites and prevent pain upon waking. If the tooth or teeth are covered by gum tissue or bone, they will be opened or removed in order to access the teeth. Once uncovered, the tooth will be extracted, either whole or in segments. When the tooth or teeth are removed, the site, if necessary, is closed with stitches that will dissolve within three to five days.

Platelet Rich Fibrinogen clots will be placed into your lower sockets at no additional charge to you! This procedure helps with decreasing chances of dry socket, decreased pain following surgery, and quicker more predictable healing. As soon as the patient is able, they will be escorted to their ride in the parking lot. The paperwork, consultation, and surgery will all be completed in one visit and the complete appointment will take about one hour.

Recovery from your surgery usually takes 3 – 5 days depending on the level of your wisdom teeth impaction. Please follow the directions below to make your visit and recovery go as smoothly as possible. If you have any questions about your upcoming appointment, please email, text or call us at 832-600-6878, and don’t let uneasiness, worry or fear prevent you from getting the treatment you need.

New Patient Documents

To help us learn your basic information as quickly as possible, please take a moment to fill out our new patient forms. This will allow Dr. Foust and our team to help you as quickly as possible and easily coordinate with you or your child’s dentist.

New Patient Medical History & Consent Forms


CareCredit® Financing

Our office offers CareCredit and other affordable 3rd party financing solutions. While we are directly responsible for the surgery portion of your treatment, your dentist’s financial coordinator can talk with you about setting up financing to for your family’s monthly budget. Many plans feature little-to-no interest, and there are never any surprise fees or unexpected charges. If you need any help with the application process, please give us a call.

Apply for CareCredit

PreOperative Instructions

Are you or your child prepared for a wisdom tooth extraction? You can make sure by downloading our pre-op instructions below. Just like with any surgery, we recommend fasting 8-12 hours beforehand, and be sure to make arrangements for childcare/time off of work if need be. It’s also wise to stock up on soft foods so you don’t have to go to the store after the procedure!

Download Pre-Op Instructions

After-Care Instructions

Taking the right steps at home is essential to a smooth and easy recovery process. Right after a wisdom tooth extraction, a patient must take the rest of the day off and plan to relax. Too much activity could interfere with the formation of a blood clot around the extraction site. It’s also recommended that patients refrain from smoking, spitting, or using a straw, because otherwise, this could lead to an infection or dry socket.

Download Post-Op Instructions

Make an Online Payment

As part of our commitment to making your experience with Wisdom Partner DDS a smooth one, you can easily pay your bill online with our convenient payment portal. It only takes a second and your payment is secure. Simply click below to get started and submit your payment today!

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