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IV Sedation Dentistry

How We Keep You Calm,
Cool, & Comfortable

Imagine coming in to have your wisdom teeth removed, and getting a small injection through an IV. Before you know it, the procedure is over, and it’s time to go home. To you, the entire procedure might seem like a blur, and you ask the doctor, “Is that it?”

That’s exactly the kind of experience Dr. Foust strives to accomplish for all patients. This safe and trusted method has allowed countless patients to relax completely while under his care. Scroll further down to learn more about how IV sedation dentistry for wisdom tooth extractions in Katy, TX  could help you or your child.

Benefits of Conscious IV Sedation Dentistry for Wisdom Tooth Extractions

What is Conscious IV Dental Sedation?

Relaxed patient under conscious I V dental sedation

Conscious IV sedation involves administering a sedative directly into the bloodstream using an injection in the hand or arm, and this enables a patient to become deeply relaxed very quickly and maintain this state throughout the procedure. The sedative narrows the memory gap between verbal response and command, similar to being in a light sleep. Most people are so relaxed, they feel like they had just dozed off when they “wake up” feeling like the procedure flew by!

Monitoring Vitals & Safety Protocols

Chairside vitals monitoring system

Safety is our primary concern for all of our patients, so while someone is under anesthesia, we continually monitor their breathing, heart rate and other vitals during the entire procedure. Dr. Foust sees one patient at a time and doesn’t leave the room until the patient has recovered from sedation.

What to Know Before IV Sedation Dentistry

I V sedation dentistry drip

During the initial consultation with the patient, we inquire about overall health and any medications that they take which might affect how they respond to sedation. This round of questioning is a standard process - it enables us to avoid potential glitches so that the patient can have a smoother, more predictable sedation experience.

After IV sedation, a patient should take the rest of the day off to give the medication time to subside. Normal activity can resume after 24 hours of rest.

IV Dental Sedation Frequently Asked Questions

Young man smiling after wisdom tooth extraction

To enable you to better understand IV sedation, Dr. Foust has answered some of the most frequently asked questions posed by our patients:

Does the Needle Hurt?

Patient with I V sedation needle in hand

You might feel a slight initial “pinch” when we try and access your vein. We don’t leave the needle but instead install a flexible catheter. In case you are scared stiff of receiving an IV, Dr. Foust can first administer medicine in your nose (like Afrin spray) in order to get you to relax before placing the IV.

Will I Remain Awake During the Procedure?

Relaxed patient during I V sedation dentistry treatment

Your consciousness during this type of sedation is often referred to as "twilight sleep”, which implies a light sleep. The result is a safe procedure that helps avoid the loss of gag reflex, basic verbal responses, or your ability to breathe on your own.

Is IV Sedation Dentistry Safe for Teens?

Young woman smiling after sedation dentistry

Yes, IV sedation can be applied to both adults and teens with little-to-no complication when done correctly. To date, Dr. Foust has safely sedated over 7,000 patients.

What Should I Expect After IV Dental Sedation?

Tired woman after I V sedation dentistry visit

You will likely feel very drowsy after IV sedation, which is why we require that patients have a friend or family member drive them home after the procedure.

How Much Does IV Sedation Dentistry Cost?

Dental team member discussing pricing with wisdom tooth patient

The cost of IV sedation varies depending on how many teeth we are extracting during one sitting. Many insurance plans cover IV sedation for wisdom teeth extractions.

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