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Wisdom Tooth Extraction Infection Control & Sterilization

Peace of Mind with
Every Tooth Extraction

Your personal safety comes foremost, and more so now when the world is struggling to cope with the COVID 19 pandemic. Dr. Foust protects you by strictly observing ADA and CDC protocols for wisdom tooth extraction infection control and and sterilization in Katy, TX with his zero-tolerance policy towards germs.

The workplace cleaned and sanitized for each patient. Instruments are sterilized before every use to eliminate the presence of contagions.

Wisdom Partner DDS’ Dedication to Wisdom Tooth Extraction Infection Control & Sterilization in Katy, TX

Disinfectant Hand Soap

Dentist washing and sanitizing hands

Dr. Foust and our team thoroughly “scrub up” with disinfectant hand soap before every procedure. You’d be shocked to see how much soap we go through in a week!

Gloves & Face Masks

Set of blue plastic gloves and face masks

Before we’re even near a patient, our hands are gloved, and our faces are covered with a mask. We use new ones for every single patient, and they are always thrown away after we are finished. This prevents the transmission of bacteria or viruses from our team’s hands and mouths, which helps keep the extraction site clean. This not only lowers the chance of infection, but also contributes an easy recovery process.

Chemical Disinfectant

Dentist using chemical disinfectant on hands

We use a chemical disinfectant to clean the extraction site so that no harmful oral bacteria are present. Your mouth is filled with thousands of different types of bacteria, and by eliminating all of them near the wisdom teeth, we can stop an infection before it even starts to ensure a sanitary procedure and accelerated healing. This also goes a long way in reducing post-treatment swelling and pain.

Dental Equipment Sterilization

Team member sterilizing dental equipment

All instruments are sterilized before every extraction. Once this has been done, they are immediately used to reduce their exposure to the open air. Most of our instruments are made using stainless steel as well, which naturally harbors fewer microbes.

Disposable Materials

Dental team member organizing sterilized disposable materials

Many of our instruments are covered with thin plastic sheathes to make everything more sanitary, and these are switched out between every procedure. Basically, everything we use for you or your child’s extraction will be completely new with the exception of our metal instruments. We literally take things out of the package moments before using them to make everything as safe as possible.

Single-Use Surgical Burs

Hand tool with disposable surgical bur

We do not re-sterilize our surgical burs. Each bur is new and sterile from package. Surgical burs which have not been sterilized in high heat have a lower chance of breakage and since they are new, they are sharp and cut through teeth or other tissue much more smoothly than second use burs.

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