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Mobile Wisdom Tooth Extraction Dental Surgery

Becoming a Host Dental Office

If you are looking for a seamless experience that offers both 1) convenience for your dental patients and 2) a strong connection with an experienced general dentist providing oral surgery services for your dental office — the search ends here.

Partnering with Dr. Cade Foust of Wisdom Partner DDS is a no-brainer for your dental office and patients. By allowing Dr. Foust to visit your dental office and provide wisdom tooth extraction services in your dental office, you're removing several barriers of entry for patients and allowing your dental office to enjoy better flexibility and increased profitability.

What to Expect When Partnering
with a Traveling Dentist


Smiling Patients

Familiarity, safety and experience are three major decision factors when a patient chooses a new medical practioner or needs an advanced procedure, such as wisdom tooth extraction. Fortunately, Dr. Foust covers all three bases.


Better Case Acceptance

Dental patients do not enjoy running around town, setting up dental surgery appointments with strangers, meeting new practitioners, completing new paperwork... the list of excuses they will use to resist treatment can (and does) go on and on. By appointing them in your dental office for their wisdom tooth extraction with Dr. Foust, case acceptance goes dramatically up.


Increased Revenue for Your Dental Office

Are you looking for new, creative ways to increase production in your dental office? Say goodbye to referring out third molar extractions. Dr. Foust visits your dental office, and in exchange for allowing him to use your facility, he allows you to keep a portion of the production you would otherwise refer away.

How Dr. Cade Foust
Takes Care of Your Dental Patients


Woman with healthy smile after wisdom tooth extraction