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Our Wisdom Teeth Removal Services

Simple, High-Quality
Wisdom Tooth Care

Dr. Foust and the Wisdom Partner DDS team are ready to provide you or your child absolutely everything you need when it comes to wisdom tooth extraction. Dr. Foust will come to your home dentist’s office to complete the procedure with IV sedation and also provide PRF therapy to help significantly reduce post-operative pain. Combined, these treatments help speed up recovery and reduce the risk of post-operative infection. To learn more about everything we’re ready to bring right to you, follow the links below. If you have any questions, feel free to give us a call any time to discuss wisdom teeth removal services in Katy, TX.

3rd Molar

IV Sedation

Platelet Rich
Fibrin (PRF)

Infection Control
& Sterilization

Woman with healthy smile after wisdom tooth extraction